Tutorial: Tiny Houses & Zoning Bylaws

Tutorial: Zoning Bylaws & Tiny Houses


Tiny houses are making waves across the country.  Many towns and cities are reassessing their age-old zoning laws and creating legal infrastructure for tiny houses.  Hopefully, the future will hold much clearer guidelines for tiny homes.  However, most towns have not assessed the topic yet.


The following is a beginner’s guide to zoning laws associated with tiny houses and is for people who wish to find a legal place to park a tiny home (be it on wheels or on a permanent foundation).   Becoming informed about the town’s zoning laws will give you a stronger opportunity to discuss the topic with town officials and ask knowledgeable questions.  Zoning bylaws can be very lengthy, touching upon topics from factories to swimming pools.   That is why this resource will teach you how to navigate the codes by using keyword searches, making the process more efficient.


The details provided in this guide are intended to help people who do not have extensive experience with navigating computer search tools.  If you have persistent trouble navigating your computer for these tools, seek the help of a friend who might have more experience with technology.

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