Getaway in the news

The Lab’s first project, Getaway, is off to a great start.

We brought the Clara house, our third tiny house, to the Harvard Innovation Lab’s Hubweek event.  A BostInno reporter took a tour and did a nice write up on the Getaway idea:

Right now, Getaway is primarily pushing an “anti-vacation” agenda — the staff’s term for the low-cost, short-term and stress-free outings they provide. They’ve just built their third tiny house in the East Boston Shipyard and they’re planning on expanding to New York next year.

We also brought the Clara to Harvard Square and gave tours to hundreds of New Englanders:


Last week, WGBH sent a reporter to our Getaway sites in southern New Hampshire:

If you are interested in test-driving tiny house living, including our newest Clara house, visit:

Stay tuned for more updates on the Millennial Housing Lab’s first project, Getaway.