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 143623786649132 Jon Staff is an entrepreneur hailing from Bemidji, Minnesota, a current Harvard Business School student and the co-founder and CEO of in 2015.  Previously, he founded Favecast, served as COO of AeroDesigns, and launched Spün, a frozen yogurt shop. Jon grew up in a town of 54 people, lived on a boat and then in an Airstream trailer and holds high hopes that our generation will bridge the urban-rural cultural divide. Email Jon at
pete Pete Davis is a civic reformer hailing from Falls Church, Virginia, a current Harvard Law School student and the co-founder of Previously, he co-founded OurCommonPlace, a web platform for local community engagement, and served as a poverty and labor advisor at Ralph Nader’s Center for Study of Responsive Law. By night, you can find him playing folk music and bopping around the Boston alternative stand up circuit. Email Pete at
Jana Lembke is a Ph.D. student researching close relationships at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is interested in how different types of housing and urban design can foster social connection.  She recently built a tiny house and is excited to collaborate with the Millennial Housing Lab to encourage conversation about housing alternatives!