Massachusetts Regulatory Review = Tiny House Opportunity

We at the Lab received this message from a group working to #LegalizeTiny in the Cape/Islands area of Massachusetts:

On March 31, 2015 Governor Baker issued Executive Order #562 commissioning a complete and comprehensive review of every existing Executive Branch regulation in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR).

This is an important opportunity for those of us interested in making tiny houses a safe and legal housing option to report on our experience with State regulations such as the Mass Buulding code and Sanitary Codes.

The review process gives tiny house advocates the opportunity to point out where you have found that State regulations go beyond the requirements of health and safety (and common sense) and become a barrier to the tiny house initiative.

Send comments to:

Tiny house groups of the Cape and Islands can attend a general topic “listening session” on the Cape (at which you could provide feedback on the Mass Building Code 780 CMR 51.00):

Thursday, November 19, 2015, 1PM-3PM
Sturgis Library
3090 Main Street
Barnstable, MA 02630

The Island Coalition for Tiny Houses will have people attending the Barnstable listening session: we hope to meet you there!

Contact us at: