Recycling Kitchens?

The New York Times recently ran an interesting story on ways recycling luxury kitchens can lower the cost of housing:

In New York, it’s no secret that some buyers of multimillion-dollar homes are willing to do whatever it takes to create a residence that reflects their personal taste — even if it means tearing out brand-new or lightly used kitchens and bathrooms that were installed by a previous owner or developer. The traditional way of dealing with that material is to demolish and dispose of it.

…However, some environmentally minded homeowners and contractors choose to take things apart more carefully — a process known as deconstruction — and then donate the materials to salvage operations, so they can be reused by others. For budget-conscious homeowners willing to do a little hunting, and to be flexible about design decisions, that means there’s a ready supply of high-quality building materials available for surprisingly low prices.

Read the full story, “Recycled Kitchens, Salvaged Splendor,” here.