Grants for Grads

States have begun to use housing finance incentives to keep Millennials in state.  Check out this 2009 article from about “Grants for Grads” in Ohio:

State officials are hoping to entice recent college graduates to stay in Ohio or move back by offering money to help purchase houses.  The “Grants for Grads” program will help with down payments or closing costs and are for graduates who have recently received at least a two-year associate degree.  The catch is you must stay in Ohio for at least five years to get the full benefit and you must have graduated within the past 18 months.

At the time of the launch, Ohio Housing Finance Agency head Cindy Flaherty said:

“I think we have to be realistic and recognize that when people look for where they’re going to get a job after college, affordable housing is probably not the top thing on their list, but if they find they have an opportunity to purchase a home, put down roots in the state, they’re much more likely to stay. Once people own a home, they really made a commitment to the community.”